Canadian Political Science Association - 2017 Call For Proposals

The Programme Committee invites submissions for participation in the 2017 Canadian Political Science Association Annual Conference. This year’s theme is the “Deconsolidation of Democracy”, as seen in the rise of political polarization, declining political trust, populism, nativism and support for authoritarian leaders. In North America and Western Europe party attachments have weakened, voters have deserted centrist parties in favor of radical parties of the left and right, and many citizens have stopped voting. Populist rhetoric and even hate speech on the part of political elites is increasingly accepted by the public. In other nascent democracies we see democratic backsliding. How can we understand these developments and what are their sources? Is Canada immune to these transformations? Panels and papers addressing these questions are particularly welcome.
The Programme Committee also welcomes panels and papers that relate to the theme of “Confederation at 150”. The 150th anniversary of Confederation offers an opportunity to reflect on the past, the present and the future of confederation from a wide variety of perspec tives.

To ensure that you have a positive conference experience, please read the entire “Call for Proposals”, and “Submission and Participation Information”.

This year, the programme committee is organizing 8 workshops. The workshops focus on specialized themes of interest to political scientists. Some of the workshops also address themes at the intersection of political science and other disciplines. These workshops are summarized here. The committee is also organizing 5 panels on the “Confederation at 150” theme. The panel descriptions can be viewed here.
The CPSA conference is held within the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Congress). The CPSA conference dates within Congress are Tuesday, May 30 to Thursday, June 1.
Note: Returning users can use the same login information created for the 2016 submission system. If you forget your password, please follow the instructions found here. All new participants must register to this site to submit a proposal.
Annual Conference of the International Studies Asscociation (ISA) Canada Region:
ISA-Canada is proud to host its annual conference in partnership with the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA). For the twelvth consecutive year, ISA-Canada will co-organize with the CPSA the International Relations sections of the 2017 Annual Conference. ISA-Canada encourages its members to submit proposals on areas of interest in the study of international relations. ISA-Canada is a region of the International Studies Association, the premier international association of international relations scholars.
Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration (CAPPA):
CAPPA will be co-organizing the Public Administration section. CAPPA and CPSA jointly encourage scholars of public administration and management to consider submitting proposals and attending the conference.