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CPSA Annual Conference 2008 Papers


Below you will find the list of presentations for the 2008 CPSA conference. The list is sorted in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author. If you are searching for a specific author, you can click on the alphabet below to proceed directly to the section where the author is listed. To view a pdf version of the paper, please click on the title. The authors retain full rights for reprinting and publishing of the articles. Please do not cite without permission from the authors.

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Adams, Christopher
Realignment in Manitoba: The Provincial Elections of 1999, 2003 and 2007

Adjagbe, Mathieu et Banyongen, Serge
L’impérialisme américain et l’(in)sécurité humaine dans les Grands Lacs

Ahorro, Joseph
The Waves of Post-Development Theory and a Consideration of the Philippines

Aitken, Rob
Fringe Credit and Global Financial Governmentality

Akman, Bahar
UN Peace Operations: Identifying Sources of Human Insecurity

Alvarez Béjar, Alejandro
From NAFTA to SPP: The predatory deepening of Mexico’s role as US energy

Anderson, Cameron
Region and Policy Preferences in Canada: 1979-2006

Anderson, Cameron and Goodyear-Grant, Elizabeth
Referenda Scepticism Among Highly-Informed Citizens: Assessing Three Explanations

Andrew, Blake
Behind the Headlines, It's a Different Story? Variations in the Supply of Mass-Mediated Political Information

Andrew, Edward
Images of Rome in the Eighteenth Century

Angolano, Joseph
Participating and Conflicting Interests: Towards a Taxonomy of Political Participation

Arcand, Guy, Tellier, Geneviève and Chrétien, Lise
The challenges of recruiting and keeping young adults in organizations: The case of the Quebec Public Service

Arneil, Barbara
Competing Models of Social Capital Building in Diverse Communities: The Girl Scouts vs. the Boy Scouts of America

Asiskovitch, Sharon
National Health Insurance Plans and “Health-Care Citizenship”: Canada and Israel

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Baker, Roozbeh (Rudy) B.
The Enshrinement of Rights: Courts and Constitutional Power in Canada

Balot, Ryan K.
Culture and Collective Memory in Ancient Republicanism

Banfield, Andrew
Prisoner Voting in Canada and Australia: The Construction of Constitutional Decisions

Banfield, Andrew and Zekulin, Michael
From Defence to Dialogue: National Security and the Courts in the Post-9/11 Era

Barabas, Jason and Jerit, Jennifer
Survey Experiments and the External Validity of Treatments

Baron, Ilan
International Relations, Obligation, War

Bassett, Carolyn
Taking Care of Business: Corporate Codes of Conduct, Shareholder Value and Global Regulation

Bastien, Frédérick and Loewen, Peter
Byelections in Canada: We Don't Know What We Don't Know

Bedford, David
Practical Principles or Principled Practice: Thucydides’ Timeless Advice

Beiner, Ronald
John Rawls's Genealogy of Liberalism

Bélanger, Éric et Nadeau, Richard
L’appui aux tiers partis à l’élection provinciale québécoise de 2007

Ben-Ishai, Elizabeth
Autonomous Bodies, Autonomous Selves: Resistance and the Politics of the Body

Benz, Arthur
Comparing Democratic Legitimacy in Types of Multilevel Governance

Bergh, Andreas, Erlingsson, Gissur, Sjolin, Mats and Andersson, Staffan
How Corrupt is a Non-Corrupt Society? Evidence from a Survey of Local Political Elites in Sweden

Bickerton, James
Equalization, Regional Development, and Political Trust: The Section 36/Atlantic Accords Controversy

Bilodeau, Antoine, White, Stephen and Nevitte, Neil
Contemporary Immigration and the Future of Regional Political Cultures in Canada

Bittner, Amanda
Evaluating Party Leaders: How Demographics, Partisanship, Policies and Issues Affect Voters’ Opinions

Bjola, Corneliu
Public Spheres and Legitimacy: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Conflict within Security Communities

Black, David R.
'Africa' as serial morality tale in Canadian foreign policy”

Blais, André, Labbé St-Vincent, Simon and Sauger, Nicholas
Vote Choice in One Round and Two Round Elections

Bogaards, Matthijs
Power-sharing Parties: Representation and Accommodation Inside Dominant Parties

Bow, Brian
Nationalism, Regionalism, and the ‘Deeper Integration’ Debate in Canada

Bower, Adam
“An Invitation to Struggle”: Pro-Treaty Coalitions and the Domestic Context of US Exceptionalism in Arms Control

Boychuk, Gerard
National Health Insurance in the United States and Canada: Race, Territory and the Roots of Difference

Boychuk, Gerard and Banting, Keith
The Canadian Paradox: The Public-Private Divide in Health Insurance and Pensions

Bradford, Neil
Rescaling For Regeneration? Canada’s Urban Development Agreements

Bryan, Bradley
Revenge and Nostalgia

Brady, Marie-Joie
Penser le politique du point de vue des acteurs : les Accords du lac Meech et de Charlottetown et la démocratie agonique

Bramwell, Allison
Under the Radar: Workforce Development Networks and Urban Governance in Ontario

Brock, Kathy L.
Policy Windows and Policy Failures: Using Kingdon to Explain the Later Life Cycle of the Voluntary Sector Initiative

Broschek, Joerg
Historical Institutionalism and Canadian Social Policy: Assessing Two Models of Policy Change

Brown, David C.G.
Designing the CCRA Human Resources Management Regime: Insights for Public Sector Modernization?

Brown, Stephen
CIDA under the Gun

Bruyneel, Kevin
Exiled, Executed, Exalted: Louis Riel, Homo Sacer and the Production of Canadian Sovereignty

Busser, Mark Paul
Superman’s Foreign Policy: Popular Discourses of Ethics, Power and Global Responsibility

Byrne, Sioban
Framing Post 9/11 Security: The Experiences of Canadian Muslim Women

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Cairns, James, Cukier, Wendy and Thomlinson, Neil
Implementing Canada's Firearms Act

Cameron, Barbara
Accountability Regimes for the Federal Social Transfer

Cameron, Gavin and Munroe, H.D.
Terrorism & Historical Sociology

Carter, Kimberley
Catalysts and Cages: The Push-Pull Dynamics of Re-constructing Gendered Identities in Women’s Peace-building Projects

Carter, Kimberley
Preaching Praxis, Producing Peace: The Role of Liberation Theology in Peacebuilding

Cartigny, Florence
The Manitoba and Saskatchewan Elections: Broken Electoral Destinies

Cattapan, Alana
Open Arms and Crossed Legs? Subjectivity and Trans-Inclusion in Canadian Feminist Organizations

Chalmers, Adam
EU Membership and Protracted Regionalization in Eastern Europe

Chapman, Debra
‘Delinking’: Current Strategies of the EZLN

Chen, Zhiming
A Theory of Power Parity - Is War Between the US and China Inevitable?

Cochrane, Christopher
The Contours of the Left-Right Disagreement in Western European and Anglo-American Democracies

Collombat, Thomas
Several Souths: Assessing Latin American Involvement in a Renewed International Labour Movement

Cooper, Andrew F., Shaw, Timothy and Antkiewicz, Agata
The Logic of the BRICSAM Model for Global Governance: Do Acronyms Make Sense?

Côté, Catherine
L'élection fédérale de 2006 : Un vent de conservatisme ?

Côté, Catherine, Fafard, Patrick and Rocher, François
The Presence (or the Lack Thereof) of a Federal Culture in Canada: The Views of Canadians

Curry, Dion
Multi-Level Governance and the Urban/Rural Divide in British Columbia

Cutler, Fred
The Space Between Between Worlds: Intergovernmental Policy and Elections in Canada

Cutler, Fred, Matthews, J. Scott and Pickup, Mark
Polls, Voters, and the Quality of Electoral Democracy: Evidence from the 2007 Ontario Election

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Debardeleben, Joan and Hurrelmann, Achim
Democratic Dilemmas in EU Multilevel Governance: Untangling the Gordian Knot

Dembinska, Magdalena
Lorsque les pratiques de la liberté politique intègrent la diversité culturelle

Dizboni, A. G.
International Relations Theories and the Shi’a Crescent: A Tentative Explanation?

Dobrowolsky, Alexandra
Beyond Winners and Losers? What has happened to women’s equality after 25 years of Charter struggles?

Donais, Timothy and Baribeau, Erin
Local Ownership and the Afghan Peace Process

Donaldson, John
Grasping the Small: The Political Economy of Growth, Poverty and the Role of the State in Two Chinese Provinces

Donner, Wendy
Autonomy, Tradition, and the Enforcement of Morality

Dragojlovic, Nicolas
Beyond Framing: Source Cue and Persuasion in Global Politics

Driscoll, Jim
Some Reflections on Contextual Reasoning in the Supreme Court of Canada

Dufour, Caroline
The Format of Expenditure Budget of the Government of Ontario, 1961-1985: A Path-Dependent Model?

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Eagles, Munroe and Coletto, David
The Implications of Canada's New Regulatory Regime for Local Party Organization

Earles, Kimberly
Women in the Swedish ‘People’s Home’: Gender and the Social Democratic Welfare State

Edge, Jessica and McKeen-Edwards, Heather
Light Bulbs and Bright Ideas?: The Global Diffusion of a Ban on Incandescent Light Bulbs

Edquist, Kristin
Globalizing Pathologies: Mental-Health Assemblage and Spreading Diagnoses of Eating Disorders

Elmose, Linda
The Power and Effect(iveness) of ‘Projecting Canadian Values’ in Foreign Policy: The Case of Afghanistan

Elson, Peter
Institutional Asymmetry and Critical Junctures in Voluntary Sector/ Government Relations in Canada

Esselment, Anna
Fighting Elections: An Example of Cross-Level Political Party Integration in Canada

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Fafard, Patrick and Rocher, François
The Evolution of Federalism Studies in Canada: From Dependent to Independent Variable

Fairie, Paul
The Ontario Schools Question: Religion, Voting and the 2007 Ontario General Election

Farney, Jim
The Benefits of Office: Canadian Conservatives, Same-sex Marriage and the end of the Tory Syndrome?

Farnsworth, Stephen J.
CBC News Coverage of Canada’s 2006 Liberal Party Leadership Candidates

Fenwick, Tracy
Can the Local Affect the National: The Role of Municipalities in Brazil and Argentina in Comparative Perspective

Findlay, Tammy and Anderson, Lynell
Citizen Engagement or State Replacement?: Federalism, Public Reporting, and Child Care Policy in Canada

Fischer, Martin Gerard
Statue Failure, State Break Down and State Collapse in Sub-Saharan Africa: Structural Challenges to Democratization and Consolidation

Fitzsimmons, Dan
Executive Scorn: The George W. Bush Administration, News Media, and the Influence of Groupthink in the Iraq War, 2003-2007

Flanik, William
Conceptual Metaphor and the US Missile Defense

Fletcher, Joseph, Bastedo, Heather and Hove, Jennifer
Losing Heart: Explaining the Decline in Public Support for Canadian Military Participation in Afghanistan

Flynn, Greg
Revisiting the Electoral Policy Mandate: An Examination of the Factors that Contribute to Election Promise Fulfillment in Canada

Fournier, Patrick, Turgeon, Mathieu, Blais, André, Everitt, Joanna, Gidengil, Elisabeth and Nevitte, Neil
Deliberative Attitude Change: Changing Your Mind Within an Interview

Frederiksen, Erica
Reconstituting Political Community: Truth Commissions, Restorative Justice and the Challenges of Democratic Transition

Froese, Marc
What Does the Future Hold for the Canadian Wheat Board? Trade Friction, Dispute Settlement and State Support for Agriculture in North American

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Gaenzle, Stefan
Externalizing EU Governance and the European Neighbourhood Policy: Towards a Framework for Analysis

Gaenzle, Stefan, Meister, Stefan and King, Conrad
Higher Education in the Russian Exclave of Kaliningrad

Gammer, Nicholas
Political Leadership and Shifts in Canadian Foreign Policy: Interventions in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan

Germain, Randall
Financial governance in historical perspective: lessons from the 1920s

Grant, J. Andrew
Transitional Justice, Foreign Aid, and the Prospects for Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Liberia

Gaudreault, France
Droits humains et constitution de l’ordre international

Gidengil, Elisabeth, O'Neill, Brenda and Young, Lisa
Her Mother’s Daughter? The Influence of Childhood Socialization on Women’s Political Engagement

Gingras, Anne-Marie
Freedom of Expression and Trash Radio

Godbout, Jean-François and Hoyland, Bjorn
Legislative Voting in the Canadian Parliament

Goldstein, Joshua D.
Marriage and the Boundaries of Sex in New Natural Law Theory

Good, Kristin
Explaining Municipal Multiculturalism Policy Process in Urban Canada: An Exploration of the Social Diversity Hypothesis

Gorton, William A.
Too Much of a Good Thing? Freedom, Individualism, Autonomy And the Decline of Happiness in Liberal Democracies

Graefe, Peter and Levesque, Mario
Impediments to Innovation in the Canadian Social Union: The Case of the Labour Market Agreements for People with Disabilities

Grey, Sandra
The Political Opportunities for Feminist Dissent in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Grieve, Malcolm and Turnbull, Lori
Politics of Pinot in Nova Scotia: Bacchus to the future?

Grönlund, Kimmo and Setälä, Maija
Deliberation and Civic Virtue - Lessons from a Citizen Deliberation Experiment

Grundy, John
The Employment Service in Early Twentieth Century Ontario

Gutterman, Ellen
Domestic Sources of State Compliance with International Law

Guven, Ali Burak
Post-Washington Consensus in Action: Lessons from Turkey

Guzina, Dejan
External State Building in Kosovo – from Humanitarian Intervention to State Creation

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Haderer, Margarete
The Politics of Dwelling

Haji-Yousefi, Amir
Whose Agenda is Served by the Idea of a Shia Crescent?

Hale, Geoffrey
Working With and Around Elephants – Managing the Politics of Trade-Commercial Relations with the United States

Hanlon, Robert
Constitutional Democracies or Authoritarian Regimes: Dysfunctional Law and Human Rights in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand

Harell, Allison
Social Diversity and the Development of Political Tolerance

Hausegger, Lori, Hennigar, Matt and Riddell, Troy
Exploring the Links Between Party and Appointment: Canadian Federal Judicial Appointments from 1988 to 2003

Haussman, Melissa
The Patriarchal Politics of “Faith” and the Plan B Story in the US and Canada

Heinmiller, Tim
Managing Water Scarcity in the Prairie Region: The Role of the IJC

Henderson, Ailsa
'Small Worlds' as predictors of generalized political attitudes

Hennigar, Matthew
Judicial Activism or Compliance? Federal Government Concessions in Charter Cases

Hepburn, Eve
Small Worlds in Canada and Europe: A Comparison of Regional Party Systems in Quebec, Bavaria And Scotland

Hibbert, Neil
Institutions in Theories of Social Justice

Hiemstra, John
Hypnotized by Progress: Does the Modernist Approach to Social Science Obscure the Essence of the Oil Sands Boom?

Hoff, George
Covering Democracy: The coverage of FPTP vs. MMP in the Ontario Referendum on Electoral Reform

Hojati, Afshin
The Shia-Sunni Clash and the Divergent Conceptions of State in the Middle East

Holroyd, Carin
Green Japan: Managing the Intersection of National Politics and Global Environmentalism

Holsti, Kal
Exceptionalism in American Foreign Policy: Is it Exceptional?

Holyk, Gregory
U.S. Public and Leader Attitudes towards the United Nations

Honda, Eric
Out of Control?: Political History in Canada as World-Systems Theory

Hoogenboom, David and Vieille, Stephanie
Rebuilding Social Fabric in Failed States: Examining Transitional Justice in Bosnia

Hoque, Sabrina
The New Kids On The Block: A Look at Rookie Members of Provincial Parliament

Horak, Martin
Making Multilevel Governance Work: Overcoming Coordination Challenges in the City of Toronto

Houser, Daniel, Morton, Rebecca and Stratman, Thomas
Turned Off or Turned Out? Campaign Advertising, Information, and Voting

Howe, Paul
Political Culture in the Age of Adolescence

Huntley, Wade
Nuclear Nonproliferation: A Role for “Responsibility”?

Hyson, Stewart
Adapting the Ombudsman Idea to the 21st Century: Fighting “Puffery”, “E-Government”, and Forensic Investigations

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Iacovino, Raffaele
National Diversity and Citizenship Education in Quebec and the United Kingdom

Ives, Peter
When Neither the Vernacular nor Esperanto Will Do: Theorizing Language Politics

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Jenson, Jane
Because We Care: Centre-Left Parties’ Responses to New Social Risks and Need's for Social Care

Johnson, Candace
The Political “Nature” of Pregnancy and Childbirth

Jordan, Pamela
Russia’s “Managed Democracy” and the Civil G8 in 2006: Why did Putin Promote NGO Participation in the G8 While Restricting Russian NGOs at Home?

Jacobs, Alan
The Politics of When: Redistribution, Investment, and Policymaking for the Long Term

Jacobs, Alan and Matthews, J. Scott
Does Timing Matter? Intertemporal Policy Choice and the Mass Public

Janara, Laura
Locke’s Bedtime Story: Phantom Fatherhood, Vicious Brothers, the Law of the Father, and Friendly Equal Brethren

Johns, Michael and Mackenzie, Michael
Conflict at the Polls: Examining the Relationship Between Electoral System Design and Ethnic Conflict

Johnson, Juliet
Central Bank Independence and Democratic Governance in the Post-Communist World

Joshi-Koop, Sima
Rekindling the Art, Craft, and Science of Policy Network Studies in Canada

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Kesarchuk, Olga
The Attitudes and Adaptation Strategies of Oligarchs to Ukraine’s Democratization

Kimball, Anessa and Brulotte, David
Understanding the Depths of Canadian-American Military Technical Cooperation

Kim, Jiyoon and Perrella, Andrea M.L.
Beyond The Liberal Party: Immigrant Voting Behaviour In Canada

Koop, Royce and Sharman, Campbell
The Elusive Nature of National Party Organization in Canada and Australia

Krebs, Andreas
Colonial Subjectivity and Canadian Media: Exploring Talk Radio

Kershaw, Paul
Social Care

Kow, Simon
On the Use of History for Political Theory: Liberty and Culture in Hume’s History of England

Kukucha, Chris
Federalism Responds? International Trade Agreements and Sub-Federal Consultation in Canada and the United States: The Role of CTrade and IGPAC

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Lachapelle, Erick
Energy Security and Climate Change Policy in the OECD: The Political Economy of Energy Taxation

Ladner, Kiera L.
Gendering Decolonization, Decolonizing Gender

Lambert, L.A. (Lisa)
Women’s Motivations for Political Participation

Langlois-Bertrand, Simon
Getting Closer? Empirical Evidence on the Use of Mobile Phones in Sub-Saharan Africa

Laponce, Jean
A Contribution to the History of the Discipline: the case of Political Linguistics

Larsen, Mike
Governing Non-Citizens as Security Threats: Canada’s Security Certificate Regime

Le Cheminant, Wayne and Parrish, John M.
Manipulating Democracy: A Reappraisal

LeDuc, Lawrence, Bastedo, Heather and Baquero, Catherine
The Quiet Referendum: Why Electoral Reform Failed in Ontario

Levesque, Mario
Plotting the Roots of Local Citizen Engagement

Lindenstrauss, Gallia M. and Lupovici, Amir
States, Ethnic Groups and Deterrence: Achieving Some Restraint in Violent Ethnic Conflicts

Lister, Andrew
The Missing History of Political Liberalism

Livingston, Alex
On the Micropolitical

Locas, Marie-Chantal et David, Charles-Philippe
Le poids de l'histoire : les analogies peuvent-elles expliquer l'échec américain en Irak?

Long, Doug
Jurisprudence and the Art of Government: Justice and public utility in Jeremy Bentham's Elements of Critical Jurisprudence

Lougheed, Devon and Baum, Bruce
Black Skin, White Laughter: W.E.B. Du Bois, Richard Pryor, and Comedic Double-Consciousness

Lowry, Christopher
Cosmopolitan Justice and Two Kinds of Liberalism

Lui, Andrew
Human Rights, Constitutionalism and Comparative Foreign Policy: An Analytical Framework for Canada, the United States and China

Lupia, Arthur, Krupnikov, Yanna, Levine, Adam, Grafstrom, Cassandra, McGovern, Erin and MacMillan, William
How "Point Blindness" Dilutes the Value of Stock Market Reports

Lupovici, Amir
Why the Cold War Practices of Deterrence are Still Prevalent: Physical Security, Ontological Security and Strategic Discourse

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Ma, Michael
Exhaustion and Containment: An Investigation of the Chinese Canadian National Council – Toronto Chapter

Macallister, Christopher
The Three Crises of the Centre Right in Late 20th Century Canada and Stephen Harper’s Response

MacLellan, Duncan
Revisiting the 'New' Old School Question: Faith-Based Funding and the 2007 Ontario Election Campaign

Macleod, Alistair M.
Human Rights, Justice, and Global Markets

Magnusson, Warren
Seeing Like a State, Seeing Like a City

Mahon, Rianne and Macdonald, Laura
Gender, Poverty and the Rescaling of Welfare Regimes: Toronto/Canada and Mexico City/Mexico

Maisonville, Derek J.
Bibles, Guns, and… Comic Books?: Re-Conceptualizing (Non-)Violent Selves and Others in a Postcolonial Era

Malloy, Jonathan
Mulroney’s Shadows: The Many Images of Canada’s Eighteenth Prime Minister

Manger, Mark
Another Democratic Dividend: Bank Asset Flows to Developing Countries

Manger, Mark
North-South-FTAs and the Politics of Discriminatory Liberalization

McElligott, Greg
Authority and its Enemies: Negotiating Order in Canada’s First Private Adult Prison

McGovern, Clare
Holding the Police to Account in Divided Societies: The Role of Politicians

McIntosh-Sundstrom, Lisa
Braking the Backslide: Which International Mechanisms Can Best Assist Russian Civil Society?

McNutt, Kathleen
Governing the Web

Mellon, Hugh
Government Efforts at Branding: Issues Raised by Initiatives within Canadian Provinces

Merolla, Jennifer, Stephenson, Laura and Zechmeister, Elizabeth
Party Cues in Canada: Who, When and What

Michon, David
The Way We 'See' Ontario's Underrepresented: Mythologizing Visible Minorities

Mihai, Mihaela
Recognising Resentment: Moral Emotions and the Burdens of Dealing with the Past

Mikulska, Anna
Legislative Accountability in PR Open-List Electoral Regimes: The Case of Poland

Miller, Gerald J.
Performance Budgeting, Fiscal Policy and Tax Revolts from the U.S. and Canadian Subnational Government Perspectives

Miller, Raymond and Curtin, Jennifer
Counting the Costs of Coalition: The Case of New Zealand’s Minor Parties

Moggach, Douglas
Freedom and Perfection: The German Debate on the State in the Eighteenth Century

Moltchanova, Anna
The General Will and Immigration

Montanaro, Laura
Self-Authorized Representatives Democratic Representation and Contemporary Politics

Mulligan, Shane
The Changing Face of Energy Security

Murphy, Michael
Memory, Apology and Reconciliation

Mustapha, Jennifer
US Foreign Policy Discourses and East Asian Security: A Critical Analysis

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Narine, Shaun
Leadership and Legitimacy: China and the US in the Asia Pacific

Nelles, Jen
Wet vs. Dry: Establishing a Multilevel Water Policy for Canadian Communities

Nelson, Marcel
The FTAA and the Contestation of Neoliberalism in Latin America

Neufeld, Mark
“Unhappy is the Land That Needs a Hero”: The Pearsonian Tradition and the Canadian Intervention into Afghanistan

Newton, Janice
Representation and Civil Society: The Struggle for Representation within the Canadian Political Science Association

Nonhoff, Martin, Schneider, Steffen, Gronau, Jennifer and Krell-Laluhova, Zusana
The G8 as a Newly Emerging Legitimation Object in Global Politics

Norman, Emma and Bakker, Karen
Transgressing Scales: Water Governance across the Canada-US Borderland

Norris, Pippa and Inglehart, Ronald
Silencing Dissent: The Impact of Restrictive Media Environments on Regime Support

Nossal, Kim Richard
The Unavoidable Shadow of Earlier Wars: Obsequies, Political Culture and the Afghanistan War in Canada and Australia

Nuruzzaman, Mohammed
Failed and Fragile States in International Relations

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Olive, Andrea
Compliance with Environmental Policy: Small Private Landowners' Affirmative Motivations

O'Neill, Brenda, Gidengil, Elisabeth and Young, Lisa
Examining Feminist Identification and Gender Role Attitudes

Onuki, Hironori
Care, Social (Re)production and Global Labour Migrations: Filipino Care Workers in Japan

Owen, Andrew
The Negativity Bias and the Effect of Policy Change on Evaluations of Political Incumbents

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Pahlavi, Pierre
Croissant chiite: fondements et limites

Palmesi, Mirko
Who Rises and Who Falls: The Influence of American, Russian and Chinese Foreign Policies on Central Asian Stability

Panagos, Dimitrios
Explanatory Power versus Normative Appeal: Comparing Justificatory Models of Aboriginal Rights

Parker, Jeffrey and Stephenson, Laura
Who Supports the NDP?

Patten, Alan
Cultural Success

Pouliot, Vincent
Power Failure: NATO, Russia and the Double Enlargement

Praud, Jocelyne
Gender Parity Reforms in France and Belgium: A Comparative Perspective

Pal, Leslie and Buduru, Bogdan
The Global Panopticon of Governance: The Measuring, Monitoring, and Disciplining of States

Park, Susan
The World Bank: Owning Global Safeguard Policy Norms?

Peng, Ito
Political and Social Economy of Care: South Korea

Penner, Erin
Ethnic Diversification and Attitudes of Tolerance in Canada

Pilon, Dennis
Facts or Rhetoric? Elite Media Debate about Voting Systems in the 2007 Ontario Referendum Campaign

Piskunova, Ekaterina
Energy Security as a Tool of Soft Balancing in Russian-American Relations under Vladimir Putin

Popescu, Marina
Media Effects on the Vote for Governing Parties: The Role of Media Bias and Fluidity of the Political Context Across European Countries

Popescu, Marina and Toka, Gabor
The Impact of Media and Party Systems on the Making of Informed Election Outcomes

Purdon, Mark
Lament for the Kyoto Protocol: Another Nail in the Coffin of Neoliberal Multilateralism?

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Quinn, Joanna R.
Here, Not There? Theorizing about why traditional mechanisms work in some communities, not others

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Rahaman, Muhammad
Party Influence and Parliamentary Behavior: The Decay of Democracy in Bangladesh

Ramirez, Juliana
Rethinking the Link between Civil Society and Civil War: the Case of Colombia

Rayner, Jeremy and Beaudry-Mellor, Tina
Hope and Fear Revisited: Did the Provincial Election of 2007 Mark the Transition to a Stable Two Party System in Saskatchewan?

Rayner, Jeremy and Zittoun, Philippe
Policy by Design: The Elusive Link Between Problems and Policies

Rayside, David
Conservative Christianity, Sexual Diversity, and the Strategic Dilemma Facing the Conservative Party of Canada

Reilly, Katherine
The Central American Left at a Cross-road: The Mesoamerican People’s Forum as a Complex, Contested Space

Reny, Marie-Eve
Explaining Variance in Patterns of State Reaction to Religious and Land-Related Protests in Contemporary China

Robb, Katie
‘Dangerous Liaisons?’ : A Survey of MPP Liaisons at Queen’s Park

Robinson, Fiona
Sex Trafficking and the Political Economy of Care: A Feminist Moral Analysis

Roy, Jason
Information Heterogeneity, Complexity and the Vote Calculus

Ruckert, Arne
From the Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) to the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI): Inclusive Neoliberalism and Accumulation by Subsidization

Russo, Rick
A Two-Level Framework for Assessing Variations in the Level of Judicialization Across Welfare State Policy Contexts

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Sajed, Alina
Securitized Migrants and Postcolonial (In)difference: The “Arab” Between Myth and Image

Sampert, Shannon
Jock Radio/Talk Radio/Shock Radio

Sanders, Rebecca
Norms of Exception? Intelligence Agencies, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law

Saunders, Kelly L.
Whistleblowing in Canada: A New Framework of Analysis

Saurette, Paul and Gunster, Shane
Individualist Populism and Contemporary Canadian Conservatism

Schneider, Steffen G. and Abedi, Amir
The Only Game in Town? Examining the Success and Failure of Dominant Parties

Scholtz, Christa
Aboriginal Communities and the Charlottetown Accord: A Preliminary Analysis of Voting Returns

Schroeder, Michael
Negotiating Democratic Transitions? The Commitment to Electoral Provisions in UN Peacemaking Missions

Sharma, Ajay
From the Local to the Global and Back Again: Analyzing the City of Toronto's Climate Change Rsponse

Shaw, Timothy M
Development @ 50: what prospects for the South by 2020?

Shields, John and Evans, Bryan
Building a Policy-Oriented Research Partnership for Knowledge Mobilization and Knowledge Transfer: The Case of Metropolis Canada

Shlozberg, Reuven
Moral Meaning and Responsibility Between Selfhood and Otherness: Arendt and Beyond

Siaroff, Alan
Seat Imbalance in Provincial Elections Since 1900: A Quantitative Explanation

Smith, Peter (Jay)
From Beijing 1995 to the Hague 2006 – The Transnational Activism of the Dalit Women’s Movement*

Smith, Rogers M.
The Personal and the Communal in Contesting Stories of Peoplehood

Smith, Jennifer
Intergovernmental Relations, Legitimacy and the Atlantic Accords

Smythe, Elizabeth
Thinking Beyond Borders: Global Networks of Resistance and the WTO’s Doha Round of Trade Negotiations

Soderlund, Walter
International Intervention as a Response to State Failure: Post-Cold War to Post-9/11

Soederberg, Susanne
The Marketization of Social Justice: The Case of the Sudan Divestment Campaign

Soroka, Stuart, Young, Lori and Bodet, Marc André
Campaign News and Vote Intentions: Analyses Using Manual and Automated Coding of Sentiment in Canadian Newspaper Content

Spearin, Christopher
The International Privatization of Security: Implications for Canada

Stefanick, Lorna
The Search for Paradise: Amenity migration and the growing pains of western Canadian mountain towns

Stephenson, Laura and Tanguay, Brian
The 2007 Ontario Electoral System Referendum: Information, Interest, and Democratic Renewal

Stevenson, Garth and Nguyen, Mai
Immigration Reform in Canada and the United States

Stychin, Carl
Faith in Rights: The Struggle over Same-Sex Adoption in the United Kingdom

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Taiyeb, Aamir
Ontario’s ‘First Commoner’: Exploring the Speakership at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Tan, Netina
Party Organization, Cohesion and Resilience: Explaining the Rise and Fall of the Kuomintang (KMT) Party in Taiwan

Tanguay, Liane
“There Are No Rules”: The War on Terror and Contemporary Film

Thompson, Debra
Nation and Miscegenation: Comparing Anti-Miscegenation Regulations in North America

Thornton, Matthew D.
Please Get Emotional: Conservative Campaign Strategy and the Power of Emotion in the 1995 Ontario Election

Tieku, Thomas
Multilateralization of Democracy Promotion in Africa

Tiemessen, Alana
Transitional Justice as a Normative Structure: What to Expect When You’re Expecting Accountability

Timpson, Annis May
Building an Aboriginal-Oriented Public Service in Nunavut

Tomsons, Sandra
Non-Aboriginal Responsibilities Pertaining to Understanding Aboriginal Rights

Treiberg, Natasja
Southern (Re)Belles and Good Old Boys: Gender Norms, Country Music and the Iraq War

Trimble, Linda, Treiberg, Natasja and Mason, Gabrielle
Beating (Up) the Boys: Newspaper Coverage of Female and Male Leaders in New Zealand Elections, 1999-2005

Tronto, Joan
Caring About Care Workers: Caring Solutions to an Issue of Global Justice

Tsuji, Yuki
Re-imagined Intimate Relations: Elderly and Child Care Policy Reforms in Japan Since the 1990s

Turnbull, Lori
Deception in Politics: An Ethical Offence

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Vallet, Élisabeth
L'échec américain en Irak : complot avorté ou erreur stratégique?

van Schoubroeck, Lesley
Strategic Planning: Why Would Politicians be Interested? Some Insights from Western Australia

Vanhala, Lisa
Disability Rights Activists in the Canadian Courts: Legal Mobilization, Equality and Accessibility

Verrelli, Nadia
One Nation Under Court: The Supreme Court and Canadian Federalism

von Hlatky, Stefanie
Anglosphere Asymmetry: America’s Closest Allies in Times of War

Vowles, Jack
Making a Difference? Public Perceptions of Coalition, Single-Party, and Minority Governments

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Wallner, Jennifer M.
Investments and Achievements: Canadian K-12 Education in a Comparative Context

Ward, Ann
Friendship and Politics in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Ward, Lee
The Role of the Public in Locke’s Educational Writings

Way, Laura
Developing Alberta's Oil Sands: Is There a 'Closer to Home' Perspective?

Wegner, Nicole
Canada’s Identity in Afghanistan: Masculine Warrior or Protector of the Peace?

Weibust, Inger
Is NAFTA’s Citizen Submission on Enforcement Matters (CSEM) a forum for transnational activism and politics?

Wekerle, Gerda
Building Bioregional Citizenship: The Case of the Oak Ridges Moraine, Ontario, Canada

White, Linda
Continuity and Change in OECD Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Regimes: Where Does Canada Fit?

White, Linda
The Internalization of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) Issues

White, Stephen
Are Canadians Rational Partisans? Testing Gerber and Green's Partisanship Model in Canada

Widdowson, Frances
Native Studies and Canadian Political Science: The Implications of ‘Decolonizing the Discipline’

Williams, Erin Elizabeth
Ethnic Minorities and the State in China: Conflict, Assimilation, or a ‘Third Way’?

Williams, Fiona
Theorising Migration and Home-based Care in European Welfare States

Wilner, Alexandre
Global Counterterrorism: Offence, Defence…& Deterrence?

Wilson, Evan and O'Neill, Brenda
The Realities of Electoral Reform

Wolfe, Robert
Arguing and Bargaining in the WTO: Does the Single Undertaking Make a Difference?

Wolinetz, Steven
Parties, Policy Styles and the Politics of Climate Change: Does the Number of Parties Matter?

Wong, James
Foucault and Autonomous Agency

Wong, Judith
The Adoption Information Disclosure Act: Inside the Legislative Process

Woodside, Claire
Transparency and the Resource Curse

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Young, Patricia
Institutional Capture in Transition: Business, Market Governance and High-Level Corruption in Romania, 1999-2007

Young, Robert and McCarthy, Kelly
Why Do Urban Issues Rise on the Federal Policy Agenda in Canada?