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Congrès annuel de l'ACSP Communications 2009


Vous trouverez ci-dessous la liste des communications pour le congrès de l'ASCP de 2009. Il s'agit d'une liste alphabétique, qui a été établie en fonction du nom de famille du premier auteur. Si vous cherchez un auteur en particulier, vous pouvez cliquer sur l'alphabet ci-dessous afin d'aller directement à la section où se trouve cet auteur. Pour afficher une communication en format pdf, veuillez cliquer sur le titre. Les auteurs conservent pleins droits de ré-impression et de publication pour ces articles. Veuillez ne pas citer sans l’autorisation des auteurs.

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Adams, Chris, Berdahl, Loleen and Poelzer, Greg
Aboriginal Provincial Party Support in Manitoba

Adams, Erika and Maslove, Allan
Innovations in Transfer Payments to Local Governments: The Case of the Gas Tax Fund

Adelman, Howard
The Responsibility to Protect Theory and Practice

Anderson, Cameron, Roy, Jason and Stephenson, Laura
Partisans, Defectors, and Non-Partisans: Explaining the Rise and Fall of Canadian Governments from 1988‐2006

Andrew, Edward
Imperial Republics and the Agrarian Law: Machiavelli in the Eighteenth Century

Akuffo, Edward Ansah
Human Security by Proxy: an investigation of Canada’s support to the African Union Mission in Darfur, Sudan (AMIS)

Andrée, Peter
The Neoliberalizing Environmentalities of Alternative Agri-food Networks in Australia: A Critical Examination of Challenges and Possibilities

Andrew, Blake
Mass-Mediated Canadian Politics: CBC News in Comparative Perspective

Arai, Kiichiro, Mimura, Norihiro and Murakami, Go
Switching Voters’ Identities: Effect of Conflict Between a Party and Social Identity on Voting

Axani, Jordan
Further Operationalizing Public Diplomacy in a 3-D Mission: A Canadian Defense Support to Public Diplomacy (DSPD) Model in Afghanistan or Otherwise?

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Baer, Judith
Guilt: Privilege, Responsibility and Feminist Post-Liberalism

Banfield, Andrew C.
Dying with Dignity: The Politics of Physician-Assisted Suicide in Canada and Australia

Bastedo, Heather, Goodman, Nicole, LeDuc, Lawrence and Pammett, Jon H.
“Facebooking” Young Voters in the 2008 Federal Election Campaign: Perceptions of Citizenship and Participation

Bayirbag, Mustafa Kemal
State rescaling, exclusion and temporality of neoliberalism - The case of Turkey

Beange, Pauline
Canadian Campaign Finance Reform Since 2000: Path Dependent or Dynamic?

Behringer, Ronald
Zones of Interest: The Fault Lines of Contemporary Great Power Conflict

Ben-Ishai, Elizabeth
The Sexual Politics of Ascriptive Autonomy

Bhattacharya, Chanchal
Connecting the Dots: Integrating Netroots and Grassroots Political Activism in US Presidential Election Campaigns

Bilodeau, Antoine and Fadol, Nada
Attitudes Toward Immigration in Canada and Australia: The Priming Effect of Inter-Ethnic Cohabitation

Bird, Malcolm G.
Where is VIA Going? A Brief Analysis of a Crown Corporation

Black, David
‘Iconic Internationalists’ and the Representation of Canada in/through Africa

Bodet, Marc André
Representation at the Margins: The Case of Partisan Public Spending in Canada

Boothe, Katherine
Pharmaceutical Benefits in Time: Comparing Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom

Bourque, Mélanie et Leruste, Gaëlle
De la Commission Castonguay au Groupe de travail Castonguay : le parcours de l’idée de privatisation.

Boychuk, Gerard W. and Banting, Keith G.
Rethinking the Divided Welfare State: The Role of Private and Public Benefits in the Development of Pensions and Health Insurance In Canada

Bradshaw, Leah
Republic to Empire

Broschek, Jörg and Schneider, Steffen G.
In Search for Canadian Political Development: An Examination of Canadian State Transformations through the APD Lens

Brown, David C.G.
Coming to terms with new information and communications technologies: The role of the Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada

Buckham, Meghan E.
“Do Constituents Suffer when their Representative is the Speaker? Evidence from Queen’s Park”

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Cairns, James
A new approach to political time in Canada

Caouette, Dominique
Oligarchisme et cassiquisme dans l’État philippin contemporain

Cappucci, John Francis
The Pernicious Path: The Reactionary Nature of Nationalism and the Birth of the Sikh Nationalist Movement in India

Carson, Jonathan
Two steps forward, one step back: Legislating labour relations in the Ontario Public Service

Cattapan, Alana
Theorizing Transgendered Citizenship in Canada

Changfoot, Nadine
Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Indian Residential Schools: Whose Truth? Whose Reconciliation?

Charbonneau, Etienne
Are Reporting Practices Determined by Performance Levels?: Evidences from Quebec’s Municipal Performance Measurement System

Charlton, Chris and Jansen, Harold J.
The Relationship Between Organized Labour and the Alberta New Democratic Party

Chisholm, Amanda
Embodiments of Masculinities in Private Security: A Case Study of Race and Gender in Security Contractors in Afghanistan

Coletto, David
Candidate Quality and Fundraising in Canadian Constituency Elections

Coletto, David, Jansen, Harold and Young, Lisa
Election Finance Law and Party Centralization in Canada

Conteh, Charles
Policy Implementation in Multi-Level Environments: Examining the Federal Economic Development Initiative in Northern Ontario

Conteh, Charles
Administering Regional Development Policy in Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Regions

Cornut, Jérémie and Roussel, Stéphane
Does it help for French-speaking scholars in Canadian Foreign Policy to publish in English?

Cross, William and Blais, André
Who Selects the Party Leader?

Crysler, John
Follow the leader: Testing for ‘Presidentialization’ in Candidate Selection in the New Zealand Labour Party and the Liberal Party of Australia

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Daigle, Christine
Beauvoir’s Politics of Ambiguity

Danero Iglesias, Julien
Moldavie : Légalité et Réalité Comparaison de la situation des minorités russe, gagaouz

Danjoux, Ilan
Failed Securitzation and the al Aqsa Intifada

DeGagne, Alexa
Constructing the Patriarch in the Personal Responsibility Act

de Cock, Geert
The European Union's Multilateralism vis--à-vis Iran

de Costa, Ravi
Reconciliation and Neoliberalism

Delov, Igor
Legislative Committees: Instruments for Change or Mere Talking Shops?

Desrosiers, Marie-Eve
Ideology for Legitimacy, Citizenship for Control: Rwanda from the 1959 Revolution to the mid 1980s

Dick, Caroline
A Tale of Two Cultures: Intimate Femicide, Cultural Defences and the Law of Provocation

Dobrescu, Radu Bogdan
Quatre approches épistémiques de la démocratie et la bonne algèbre de Rousseau

Donovan, David S.
The Governor General and Lieutenant Governors: Canada’s Misunderstood Viceroys

Doucet, Cindy L.
Grassroots Mobilising: Is Direct Democracy Really Possible in an Age of Globalisation? A Case Study of an Independent NGO from Mexico’s Border Region

Drake, Anna and McCulloch, Allison
Inclusion, Voice, and Loudness: Institutional Design in Divided Societies

Dreher, Sabine
Development Reconsidered: The Case of Turkey

Duggan, Colleen
“Show me your impact”: Challenges and Prospects for Evaluating Transitional Justice

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Earles, Kimberly
The Gendered Effects of the Swedish Pension Reform

Edge, Jessica
Shifting Regulatory Approaches: CO2 Emissions and the Auto Industry in the European Union

Emamjomehzadeh, Seyed Javad
Teaching political Science in I.R. of Iran: Opportunities and Challenges

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Finbow, Robert G.
“Resistance is futile”? Halifax’s experiences with multi-level governance in four policy fields

Findlay, Tammy
Social Capital and Local Governance Regimes: Early Childhood Development Roundtables in British Columbia1

Fitzsimmons, Dan
Transformation in the Canadian Forces: A Sociological Institutionalist Approach to Change in the CF from Peacekeeper to War Fighter

Fitzsimmons, Scott
Adapt or Die: The Cultural Foundations of Military Performance in the Sierra Leonean Civil War

Flynn, Greg
Party Member and Public Participation in Party Policy Processes

Fontaine-Skronski, Kim
Domestic Sources of International Trade Cooperation: Considering Interest-group Strategies and Non-Commercial Interests in the Agricultural Sector

Fournier, Bernard, Darquenne, Raphaël et Flaba, Élodie
L’intérêt politique des jeunes Belges francophones mesuré à l’aune d’un processus de discussion

Friesen, Elizabeth
The World Economic Forum and social justice: How the Washington Consensus was undermined at Davos

Froese, Marc D.
Towards a Narrative Theory of Political Agency

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Garon, Lise
Islam and the West. Biopsies of a Dialogue

Ghobadzadeh, Naser
Multiculturalism and Muslim Women in the Political Realm

Gizewski, Peter J.
Army 2040 - The Global Security Environment: Emerging Trends and Potential Challenges

Godbout, Jean-François, and Høyland, Bjørn
Legislative Coalitions and Minority Governments in Canada

Greene, Ian
The Evolution of the Office of Ethics Commissioner in Canada

Gupta, Madhvi
Ethnic Diversity and The Demand for Public Goods: Interpreting the Evidence from Low-income Communities in Delhi

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Haddow, Rodney
Varieties of Capitalism and Welfare State in Canada? Comparing Ontario and Quebec Responses to Globalization and Post-Industrialism

Haji-Yousefi, Amir
Is There an Iranian Perspective on International Relations?

Hannah, Erin Norma
Embedded NGOs and the Doha Development Round: Assessing the Role of NGOs in the EC’s TRIPS and Access to Medicines Negotiations

Hanvelt, Marc
The Road Not Taken: Moral Sense Judgement in Contemporary Liberalism

Harmes, Adam
The Rise of Neoliberal Nationalism

Harell, Allison
Minority-Majority Relations in Canada: The Rights Regime and the Adoption of Multicultural Values

Hersey, Angela
Government, Watchdog, and Citizen Engagement: Affecting Environmental Decision Making in Ontario through the Environmental Registry and the Office of the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario

Heritz, Joanne
The Failure of Cultural Recognition for the Urban Transition of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and Travellers in the Republic of Ireland

Hiemstra, John
Creating and Solving ‘the World’s Most Unsustainable Development’: Government’s Role(s) in the Oil Sands Developments

Hibbert, Neil
Responsibility in Theories of Social Justice

Hill, Tony L.
Change and Consistency in the 2008 Canadian General Election

Hill, Tony L.
Redistricting and Compactness in Canada and the United States

Hokan, Kimlan
The Compensation Conundrum: Does M.P.P. Compensation Determine the Composition of the Ontario Legislature?

Holloway, Steven
Cold War to New Millennium: How Political Science Students’ Global Attitudes have changed in Twenty Years

Hoogenboom, David and Vieille, Stephanie
A Preliminary Examination of the Relationship - Between Transitional Justice and the Neoliberal Discourse

Houle, David and Macdonald, Douglas
Understanding the selection of policy instruments in Canadian climate-change policy

Howe, Louis
Administrative Law and Aboriginal Goverence in the Canadian North

Howlett, Catherine
Indigenous Agency and Mineral Development: A Cautionary Note

Hyson, Stewart
Specialty Ombudsman Offices: The New Breed of Structural Heretics

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Iqbal, Waqas
Welcome to the Family Business: The “Interconnectedness” of Ontario’s Members of Provincial Parliament, with reference to Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, Michigan and New York

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Jenson, Jane
Diffusing ideas for after-neoliberalism: The social investment perspective in Europe and Latin America

Johns, Michael
Europe’s Self-inflicted Problem: Minority Rights Issues in a Schengen Europe

Johnson, Candace
Intersectionality, Inequality and Maternal Health

Johnson, Heather
Irregularizing Mobility: Migrant Narratives and Reframing Irregular Migration

Juneau, Thomas
Power, Perceptions, Identity and Factional Politics

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Katchanovski, Ivan
U.S. TV Coverage of Post-Communist Countries: Politics and Virtual Reality

Kellogg, Paul
Panic Capitalism: The impasse of U.S.-led Neo-Liberalism, and the Rise of the Global South

Kenig, Ofer
The Democratization of Party Leaders’ Selection Methods: Canada in Comparative Perspective

Kershaw, Paul
The Politics of Caregiving for Identity: Lessons for Truth and Reconciliation Total Words, including abstract and references: 7,985

Kershaw, Paul and Forer, Barry
Welfare Policy and Early Childhood Development: New Lessons from Population-Level Data

Kimball, Anessa L.
Explaining the Relationship between Foreign Policy Substitution & the Distributional Dilemma

Kimball, Anessa L. and Alatassi, Alia
Previous Commitments and Future Promises: The Relationship Between Military Capacity, Alliance Reliability and Future Alliance Potential, 1950-2005

Koji, Junichiro
Ideas, Policy Networks and Policy Change: Explaining Immigrant Integration Policy Evolution in Quebec, 1976-1991

Kokaz, Nancy
Autonomous Development and Global Empowerment

Kow, Simon
Barbarism and Empire in Scottish Enlightenment History

Krebs, Andreas
Did you hear the one about…:Exclusionary Humour and Micropolitics

Kuntzsch, Felix
Drawing Boundaries: The Politics of Ethnic Violence and the Case of Nagorno-Karabakh1

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Lacassagne, Aurelie
The Established and the Outsiders: A Relational Analysis of Political Representations in the Trilogy Shrek

Lachapelle, Erick
What Price Carbon? Theory and Practice of Carbon Taxation in the OECD

Ladner, Kiera L.
(RE)creating Good Governance Creating Honourable Governance: Renewing Indigenous constitutional orders

Ladner, Kiera L.
Colonialism Isn’t The Only Obstacle: Indigenous Peoples & Multilevel Governance In Canada

Lagassé, Philippe
A Mixed Legacy: General Hillier and Canadian Defence, 2005-2008

Lawson, James
Field Marshall Wannabes? The Role of the Deputy Minister in Canadian Civil-Military Relations

Lagassé, Philippe
Aboriginal Dispossession in the Emergence of a Capitalist Resource Extractive Region: The Ottawa Valley, 1800-1830s

Leone, Roberto P.
Liberal Party Succession Planning and Ministerial Resignations: Bridging political reality with administrative cleansing

L’Espérance, Audrey
Courts and Consultations in a Canadian Political Storytelling Family Chronicles stemming from Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Levesque, Mario
In the game but on the sidelines: Municipalities in polycentric water governance processes

Little, Margaret Hillyard
Dogooder White Feminism’s Flaws: The Challenges of White Feminists Training Lowincome Aboriginal Women

Loiseau, Hugo et Lemay, Lina
L’hégémonie coopérative et le cyberespace: le défi de la coopération multilatérale

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MacDonald, Fiona
Indigenous Peoples and Neoliberal ‘Privatization’ in Canada: Opportunities, Cautions and Constraints

MacDermid, Robert
Ontario Political Parties in the Neo-Liberal Age

MacLean, Lee
Intersectionality, social locations of privilege and conceptions of women’s oppression.

MacLeod, Jeffrey and Webb, Nick
Obama and World-Making: Art, Language, and Leadership – Imagery as Constitutive of Political Action

Mahon, Rianne
Transnationalising (Child) Care Policy: the OECD and the World Bank

Maltseva, Elena
Policy Implementation in Post-Soviet States: A Comparison of Social Benefits Reform in Russia and Kazakhstan

Mainwaring, Scott, Gervasoni, Carlos, and Espana, Annabella
Extra System Electoral Volatility and the Vote Share of Young Parties

Marier, Patrik and Mayer, Jean François
Similar Cases? Pension Reforms in France and Mexico

Mason, Gabriele
The Graying State: Elder Care Policy in Canada

McElligott, Greg
The Political Economy of Corrections: Is Canada Ready for Penal Mass Production?

McGovern, Clare
The Impact of Political Oversight on Public Attitudes Towards the Police

McNeil, Calum
Affective Institutions: Emotion, Rationality and the Foreign Policy Process

Mellon, James
Constructivism and Moral Argument in International Relations

Meynell, Robert
Were the Loyalists Right? Arguing for a Renewed Loyalist Politics in Canada

Michelakos, Jason
The Caribbean Plantation: Panoptic Slavery and Disciplinary Power

Milner, Henry
The Internet: Friend or Foe of Youth Political Participation1

Mitropolitski, Simeon
L’intégration européenne et la démocratisation dans l’Europe de l’Est

Mitropolitski, Simeon
The European Integration and the Democratization in Eastern Europe

Molot, Maureen Appel and Mytelka, Lynn
First Mover Advantages in a Costly and Disruptive Technology - The high-stakes fuel cell game

Mondou, Matthieu
Peut-on éviter la politique dégénérative? Une analyse comparée des policy designs canadiens de lutte contre la pauvreté et l’exclusion sociale.

Morgan, Clara
Transnational Governance: The Case of the OECD PISA

Moore, Aaron
Passing the Buck: the Ontario Municipal Board and Local Politicians in Toronto, 2000-2006

Mulligan, Shane
Energy, Power, Security

Mustapha, Jennifer
An Analytical Survey of Critical Security Studies: Making the Case for a (Modified) Post-structuralist Approach

Muvingi, Ismael
Widening the Opportunity Structure Framework

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Nangia, Parveen
Immigration and Settlement in Greater Sudbury

Neer, Adrian
Institutional Political Responsibility in a Complex Environment

Neufeld, Mark
A Tale of Two Shirts: Public Discourse and Canadian Foreign Policy

Newton, Janice
Representation and the CPSA: The Formative Decades

Nguyen, Mai
Land Claims The Path Towards Reconciliation: A Look at the Inuvialuit Final Agreement in Canada and the Ngai Tahu Settlement in New Zealand

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Ohemeng, Frank L. K. and Grant, John K.
Has the Bubble Finally Burst? An Examination of the Failure of Privatization of Water Services Delivery in Atlanta (U.S.A) and Hamilton (Canada)

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Painter-Main, Mike
Environmental Voting in Canada: Evidence from the 2006 Canadian Federal Election

Parker, Jeffrey
An Investigation into the Formation of Intergovernmental Agreements in Federations

Peet, Chelsea
Representing the Great White North: The Northern Ontario M.P.P. Experience

Penner, Erin
Tolerating Different Diversities in Canada

Pierre-Antoine, Daniel
Cosmopolitanism and Difference: From Liberal Universals to Consensual Universals?

Pilet, Jean-Benoit and Bol, Damien
Strategic motivations in electoral reforms. Explaining parties’ preferences

Pincock, Heather
Relating to Strangers? The educative effects of everyday democracy.

Prasad, Binoy Shanker
Crying For Election Reform: A Theme of Political Discourse in Canada and India

Preston, Trevor W.
“A New Dawn for Malaysia”? The Aftermath of the 12th General Elections

Pritzlaff, Tanja
Political Practices as Performances of Political Responsibility

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Quinn, Joanna R.
“The Thing Behind the Thing”: The role and influence of religious leaders on the use of traditional practices of acknowledgement in Uganda1

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Radcliffe Ross, Liat
The Participation of Canadian Muslim Pressure Groups in the Canadian Foreign Policymaking Process

Radmilovic, Vuk
Institutional Legitimacy, Strategic Decision-Making and the Supreme Court of Canada: A Look at the Quebec Secession Reference

Rasmussen, Ken
Robert Borden and the Rise of the Managerial Prime Minister in Canada

Raynauld, Vincent, Giasson, Thierry and Darisse, Cynthia
Constitution of Representative and Reliable Web-based Research Samples: The Challenges of Studying Blogs and Online Socio-Political Networks

Read, Michael
Towards a Theory of American Political Party Transnationalism Freelancing Partisans: Ideological Warriors, Policy Objectives by Other Means, or Simply “The Boys Gotta Eat”

Read, Scott
How standing orders impact on the role of opposition members in Provincial legislatures

Read, Scott
Financing of opposition offices in Provincial legislatures

Reshke, Regan G.
Science and Technology Trends: Impact on Future Land Forces

Roberge, Ian
Fighting Organized and Transnational Organized Crime in Canada

Rocan, Claude
Multi-Level Collaborative Governance: The Case of the Canadian Heart Health Initiative

Rollo, Tobold
When Words Fail: The Role of Positive Silence in Multicultural Democracies

Rostek, Michael A.
Army 2040: Conceiving an Army for the 21st Century

Ruckert, Arne
Periodizing Neoliberal Development Policy: From Destructive “Roll Back” and Constructive “Roll Out” to Inclusive Neoliberalism

Russo, Renato (Rick)
Health Care Reform and Judicialization in the Netherlands, Italy and Canada: Accounting for both the Supply and Demand side of Judicialization

Ryan, Peter Malachy, Wendy Cukier, Neil Thomlinson, and Zachary Devereaux
A Decade of Gun Control in Canada: Hansard Debate Then and Now

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Salter, Mark and Piché, Geneviève
American Political Discourse and the Securitization of the US/Canada Border

Sasley, Brent E. and Anderson, Christopher G.
Identity, Political Actors, and Preferences: Organized Ethnic Communities and Canadian Public Policy

Schatteman, Alicia
State of Ontario’s Municipal Performance Reports: A Critical Analysis

Schilling, Markus and Chiang, Lichun
The Depletion of Non-renewable Resources for Non-sustainable Externalities as an Economic Development Policy

Scholtz, Christa
Land Claim Negotiations and Indigenous Claimant Legibility in Canada and New Zealand

Schulman, Jason
After Labourism: the Neoliberal Turn by Labour Partie and the Response by Trade Unions

Sengupta, Mitu
Labour Organisation and India’s Market Reforms: Tracking Shifts in Strategy, Structure and Ideology

Sharma, Ajay
Multilevel Governance and Climate Change: Are Municipalities Effective ‘Partners’ in the Canadian Climate-Change Response

Schiff, Jacob
Power and Responsibility: A Reconsideration

Schmidtke, Oliver and Zaslove, Andrej
Multilevel Governance and the Politics and the Public Policy of Immigration in Germany and Italy

Shepherd, Robert P.
Departmental Audit Committees and Governance: Improving Scrutiny or Allaying Public Perceptions of Poor Management?

Sithole, Kundai
Legitimation, Rights and the Council of Europe: A Question of ‘Borrowed’ Legitimacy?

Smith, Peter (Jay) and Chen, Peter John
A Canadian E-lection 2008? Online Media and Political Competition

Smythe, Elizabeth
Back to the Future? European Partnership Agreements and Investment rules The WTO's Singapore Issues in Disguise?

Smythe, Elizabeth
What’s in the Package? Transparency, Trade and the Politics of Food Labeling

Songer, Donald R., Johnson, Susan W. and Jilani, Nadia A.
Judge Gender, Critical Mass, and Decision Making in the Appellate Courts of Canada

Stanley-Cochrane, Emma
The New Standing Orders at the Ontario Legislature – The Process of Reform & Perceived Effects

Stavro, Elaine
Re-thinking the sex/gender distinction - Lessons from Simone de Beauvoir

Steele Gray, Carolyn and Lum, Janet
Policy, Performance Measurement and Supportive Housing: The Devil is in the Details

Stephenson, Laura B. and Bélanger, Éric
Loyalty Across Levels: Provincial and Federal Partisanship in Canada

Stilborn, Jack
Committees of the House of Commons: Reform Expectations and Actual Performance

Stockdale, Liam P.D.
Discourses of Conflict: Victmhood, Sovereignty, and Identity in Kosovo

Stoney, Christopher, Hilton, Robert, Krawchenko, Tamara and Bellefontaine, Teresa
Federal Funding for Urban Infrastructure: Implications of the Building Canada Fund for Multi‐Level Governance in Canada

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Tabachnick, David Edward
A Tale of Two Cities: Plato's Kingly Techne and Aristotle's Phronetic Rule

Tan, Netina
Institutionalized Leadership: Resilient Hegemonic Party Autocracy in Singapore

Tchir, Trevor
Daimon Appearances in Arendt’s Account of Disclosive Action

Teyssier, Ronan
The Public Funding of Private Education: A Quantitative Study of ‘Who Gets What, When and How’ in Four Canadian Provinces

Thomas, Melanee
Effects Without Causes: Explaining Enduring Gender Gaps in Political Engagement

Timpson, Annis May
The 2008 Nunavut Territorial Election

Tok, Evren
Varieties of Neoliberal Communitarianism in the Cities of Anatolia-Turkey

Tomsons, Sandra
The Eurocentric epistemic hierarchy and Aboriginal rights

Tossutti, Livianna
Canadian Cities and International Migration: Comparing Local Responses to Diversity

Tremblay-Boire, Joannie and Bloodgood, Elizabeth
INGOs, Inc. - The Effects of INGO Adoption of “Best Corporate Practices” on Funding Received

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van Haute, Emilie
Party Membership and Discontent

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Waltman, Max
The Civil Rights and Equality Deficit: Legal Challenges to Pornography and Sex Inequality in Canada, Sweden, and the U.S.

Ward, Ann
Justice as Economics in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Ward, Lee
Spinoza and Democracy

Weinblum, Sharon
Minorities’ Political Participation in a Nationalising State: The Case of the Arab Minority of Israel

Wesley, Jared J.
Building Bridges in Content Analysis: Quantitative and Qualitative Traditions

Wesley, Jared J.
Code Politics: Party System Development on the Canadian Prairies

Widdowson, Frances and Davidson, James Lawrence
Policy Development and Aboriginal Broadcasting: A Case Study of the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

Widdowson, Frances and Howard, Albert
Development, Postmodernism and Aboriginal Policy: What Are We Afraid Of?

Wilner, Alex and Dubouloz, Claire-Jehanne
Homegrown Terrorism and Transformative Learning: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding Radicalization

Winstanley, Katharine L.
Scottish Football and Northern Ireland: The Role of Sport in Communal Identification and Ethnonational Conflict

Wipf, Kevin
Path Dependence and Policy Feedback: Understanding Reform in the Western Canadian Grains Sector

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Young, Shaun
Evidence of Democracy? The Relationship between Evidence-Based Policy and Democratic Government

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Zakaria, Patty
Does Corruption ‘Grease the Wheel’ of Economic Growth in Developing Countries?

Zini, Sylvain
Vers un New Deal Global ? L’alternative libérale face à l’échec du néo-libéralisme : une analyse de la clause sociale