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Because of the termination of the SSHRC program that previously funded travel to the annual conference for students giving papers, in 2013/2014 the Association targeted its fundraising to this objective. Since 2013, it provides travel grants from its Development Fund to assist outstanding graduate students to come to the conference from distant places.

The Development Fund was replaced by the Innovation Fund in May 2018. The latter will not only continue providing travels grants but also financing original academic activities within the conference and professional development opportunities for graduate students.

To Make a Donation
• Add your donation to your annual CPSA membership or renewal form
• Contact the CPSA secretariat directly at cpsa-acsp @
• Donate at


Individuals can support the Innovation Fund by contributing to the annual campaign, donating shares of royalties and making bequests from their estate. Tax receipts are provided for all contributions. Donors are listed on our Web site unless requested otherwise.


Dear CPSA donor,
Thanks to you, students and junior scholars from all across Canada were able to attend the 2018 CPSA Annual Conference at the University of Regina.
Thanks to you, they presented papers, discussed their work, met future colleagues and networked with more experienced political scientists.

2018 Donors
Frances Abele; Yasmeen Abu-Laban; Christopher Anderson; Caroline Andrew; Edward Grant Andrew; Keith G. Banting; Gwyneth Bergman; Adrian Bhatti; Gerard Boychuk; Kathy L. Brock; Orlando Brosowsky; Siobhan Byrne; Robert Campbell; Andrea Charron; Alex Chung; William Cross; Valerie D'Erman; Anna Esselment; Barbara J. Falk; Fred Fletcher; Lawson Gillespie; Kristin Good; Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant; J. Andrew Grant; Lois Harder; Carolyn Johns; Richard Johnston; Shreesh C. Juyal; Stephanie Kerr; Loren King; Veronica Kitchen; Simon Kow; Gerald Kristianson; Chris Kukucha; Kiera Ladner; Lawrence LeDuc; Matvey Lomonosov; Michael MacMillan; Allison McCulloch; Eric Mintz; Matthew Mitchell; Alok Mukherjee; Go Murakami; Janice Newton; Brenda O'Neill; Leslie Pal; Martin Papillon; Louis W. Pauly; Garrett Richards; Andrew M. Robinson; François Rocher; Jonathan Rose; Jason J. Roy; Peter H. Russell; Gustavo Gabriel Santafe; Christa Scholtz; Robert Patrick Shepherd; Sabina Singh; Bruce Smardon; Peter J. Smith; Michael Stein; Tracy Summerville; Geneviève Tellier; Neil R. Thomlinson; Sandra Tomsons; John E. Trent; Luc Turgeon; Valerie Vézina; Jill Vickers; Ann Marie Ward; Robert J. Williams