Board Committees

Please direct all questions and comments to Silvina Danesi, CPSA Executive Director at silvina_danesi @

2020-2021 Nominating Committee

Joanna Everitt, CPSA President, New Brunswick (Chair/Non-voting member)
Don Desserud, Former Board Member, Prince Edward Island
André Lecours, Former Board Member, Ottawa
Reeta Tremblay, Former CPSA President, Victoria

As established by Policy #1. Nominating Committee, the committee will

  • manage the process by which directors are nominated;
  • nominate the members of the prize juries according to the terms and conditions of each prize;
  • when warranted, determine which, if any, application(s) will be granted formal CPSA support in External Awards, such as some of those offered by the International Political Science Association.

Deadline to submit the “List of Prize Juries Report”: September 11, 2020.

Deadline to submit the “Elections 2021 Report”: March 22, 2021.

Deadline to submit the “List of Prize Juries Report”: September 16, 2019.

Deadline to submit the “Elections 2020 Report”: March 20, 2020.

2020-2021 Personnel Committee

Martin Papillon (Chair – Montréal)
Joanna Everitt (New Brunswick)
Cheryl Collier (Windsor)

2020 Prize Review Committee

Cheryl Collier (Chair – Windsor)
Carey Doberstein (BC)
Denis Saint-Martin (Montréal)
Ethel Tungohan (York)


  1. Review the current CPSA prizes with the goal of determining:
    1. what prizes the Association should award (including the creation of new prizes and/or the delist of current prizes);
    2. how often current /new prizes should be awarded (yearly, every other year, over a three-year period);
    3. how current /new prizes should be recognized.
  2. Develop a formal process for recommending the creation and delist of prizes and the body that makes the final decision.

Deadline to submit its report: November 23, 2020.

2020 Resources for Online Teaching Committee

Loleen Berdahl (USask)
Heather Smith (UNBC)
Sule Tomkinson (ULaval)

More Information on the Canadian Political Science Teaching and Learning Network »»»

2018-2020 CPSA-SQSP Task Force

Martin Papillon (Secretary-Treasurer, CPSA)
François Rocher (Former CPSA President, Director CPSA)
SQSP Representatives (TBD, SQSP)

Deadline to submit its report: November 23, 2020.

2020 Fundraising Committee

Joanna Everitt (Chair – President),
Martin Papillon (Secretary-Treasurer)
Silvina Danesi (Executive Director)

The committee will develop a fundraising plan together with the representatives of the Ottawa Community Foundation.

Deadline to submit its report: November 23, 2020.

2020 Renewal Publishing Agreement CPSA -SQSP / CUP Negotiation Committee

Joanna Everitt (Chair and CPSA President)
Martin Papillon (CPSA Secretary-Treasurer)
Cameron Anderson (Co-editor, English-language Editorial Team)
Brenda O’Neill (former Co-editor, English-language Editorial Team)
Mélanie Bourque (Co-editor, French-language Editorial Team, SQSP Representative)

Deadline to submit its report: November 23, 2020.


CJPS-SQSP Task Force Pascale Dufour (President, SQPS), Christian Rouillard (Past-President, SQSP), Martin Papillon (Secretary-Treasurer, CPSA), François Rocher (Past-President, CPSA)

2019-2020 Nominating Committee Barbara Arneil, CPSA President, University of British Columbia (Chair/Non-voting member) Loleen Berdahl, University of Saskatchewan Allison Harell, Université du Québec à Montréal Emmett MacFarlane, University of Waterloo Marie-Joelle Zahar, Université de Montréal Deadline to submit the “List of Prize Juries Report”: September 16, 2019. Deadline to submit the “Elections 2020 Report”: March 20, 2020.

2019-2020 Personnel Committee Martin Papillon (Chair – Université de Montréal) Barbara Arneil, (University of British Columbia) Joanna Everitt (University of New Brunswick- SJ)

2017-2018 Personnel Committee Martin Papillon (Chair – Université de Montréal) Janet Hiebert (Queen’s University) François Rocher (University of Ottawa)

Search Committee of the 2020-2023 English-language Editorial Team Barbara Arneil (Chair and CPSA President), Joanna Everitt (CPSA Vice-President), Csaba Nikolenyi (Former CJPS co-editor, English-language Editorial Team), Martin Papillon (CPSA Secretary-Treasurer)

2016 Canadian Journal of Political Science Search Committee to Recruit a New English-Language Editorial Team Janet Hiebert (Chair – Queen’s University) Bill Cross (Carleton University) Alexandra Dobrowolsky (Saint Mary’s University ) Graham White (University of Toronto Mississauga) Elisabeth Gidengil (McGill University)

2016 Revision (formalization) of the Terms of Reference for Posters and 3MT® Frédérick Bastien (Université de Montréal) J. P. Lewis (University of New Brunswick Saint John)

2016 – Committee on Section-building Bill Cross (Carleton University) Meenal Shrivastava (Athabasca University) Geneviève Tellier (University of Ottawa)

2019 Committee on Strategic Directions Barbara Arneil, Kiera Ladner, Mireille Paquet

2018-2019 Joint CPSA-SQSP Committee on the Impact of Open Access on the CJPS Martin Papillon (Chair, Montréal), Mélanie Bourque (CJPS French-language Co-editor), Alex Marland (CPSA member), Brenda O’Neill (CJPS English-language Co-editor), Graham White (former CJPS editor; former CPSA President)

2020-2023 PIP Director Search Committee Jonathan Malloy (Chair), Sophie Bourgault (CPSA Board Member), Anne Dance (PIP Director), Scott Lemoine (Deputy Principal Clerk – House of Commons), James Lorimer (Sponsors’ Representative -non-voting member), Avnee Paranjape (Parliamentary Internship Alumni Association -PIAA)