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Message from CPSA Past President

Richard Johnston

Presidential Matching Donation Campaign

By now, most members should be aware that CPSA is in an active fundraising mode. President Genevieve Fuji Johnson has reached out to the general membership as well as made a more focused appeal to department chairs. I have offered to say a few words about an important element in the drive, matching donations by CPSA Past Presidents.
First, a few words about the financial challenges facing the Association. Revenues for all scholarly journals, including CJPS, have destabilized in recent years and the shift to open access has only made things worse. The cancellation of three consecutive in-person conferences was a major hit to the Association’s income. The pandemic also imposed other unrecoverable administrative expenses. The current leadership has taken drastic steps to balance the books. But the cutbacks hinder the ability of the Association to serve its members, especially the smaller institutions, and to represent our interests in Ottawa. If we are to come out of this with a more resilient organization, we need to explore new funding models. Among these is a strengthened endowment.
The idea for the matching fund originates with Jill Vickers. Jill challenged the rest of the Past Presidents to put their money where their mouths are. The initial response was remarkable. The donors span 35 years of the Association’s recent history and the total of pledges so far is about $29,000. Some have made substantial ($1000 or more) upfront donations to the CPSA Innovation fund. Others have made pledges for similar amounts but on a contingent basis. The contingent donors hope ultimately to fulfill their full pledge. But in the interim the percentage they donate will be proportional to how close donations from the rest of the membership come to the target of donations and pledges set by the Past Presidents as group. As I write, donations from the general membership have reached about 40% of the target. That’s a lot of money just to leave on the table!
The original deadline for the calculation was 31 December 2023. We have extended our commitment for another year. Some of us are making interim donations to reflect the success of the campaign so far. But there is still a considerable distance to go. It is still true that each dollar you donate will be matched. Unlock that matching by making a donation HERE.
Richard Johnston, UBC
CPSA President 2007-08


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A Resource for Political Science Instructors in Canada

Canadian Political Science Association Reconciliation Committee

CPSA Women’s Caucus

The Women’s Caucus of the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA) is a network of members of the CPSA who seek to promote equal opportunities and the status of women within the ranks of Canadian Political Science. An informal network, the caucus meets once a year at the Annual Meeting the Canadian Political Science Association. It works to mentor women entering the field, to provide opportunities for networking among its members, to raise the visibility of women in the field, and to address and advocate on gender issues more generally.

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CPSA Women’s Caucus

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POLCAN2 is sent out every Wednesday and open to CPSA members and non-members. It brings news and job postings from the Canadian political science community, an extensive list of departments specialized in different areas of social sciences, and useful information about disciplinary and multidisciplinary events and conferences provided by universities and associations around the world.

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CPSA Parliamentary Internship Programme Transition Committee

On 1 June 2023, the Board of Directors of the Canadian Political Science Association (CPSA) voted to establish a Parliamentary Internship Programme Transition Committee. This ad hoc committee is composed of Willem Maas (Glendon), Jonathan Malloy (Carleton), Alex Marland (Acadia), François Rocher (Ottawa), and Lisa Young (Calgary), and its mandate is to work with the House of Commons toward establishing a new administrative arrangement for the Parliamentary Internship Programme that ensures its sustainability and embodies academic integrity, non-partisanship, and bilingualism. The Committee will submit a preliminary report to the CPSA Board in December 2023, an interim report in May 2024, and a final report in December 2024.


For questions and comments, please contact the Committee’s Chair, Dr. Malloy, at jonathan.malloy@carleton.ca  

Parliamentary Internship

Every year since 1970, the Parliamentary Internship Programme has welcomed 10 young professionals to Parliament Hill from September through June. The paid, non-partisan interns are selected through a national competition.

Ontario Legislature Internship Programme

The Ontario Legislature Internship Programme was established in 1975 and is administered by the Canadian Political Science Association and supported by a financial grant from the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

Canadian Political Science Association

The Canadian Political Science Association began its activities in 1912 and was incorporated under the Canada Corporation Act in 1971. The main purpose of the CPSA is to facilitate and promote the study of politics and government in Canada. Through varied activities, it seeks to connect students, researchers, journalists, practitioners, teachers and all individuals interested in the discipline to one another and to international resources for the study of politics and government.