CPSA Prize for Teaching Excellence

The CPSA Prize for Teaching Excellence has been established to recognize the contributions of political scientists to excellence in teaching and student learning. The prize is awarded every year.

Rules 2022

  • Eligibility:


Nominees must teach at a Canadian university, be members of the CPSA (2022), and have taught as primary instructors on a full-time basis for at least five years. Award recipients may not receive the award more than once.

Candidates can self-nominate or be nominated by any CPSA members who are familiar with the candidate’s teaching, including departmental chairs and departmental faculty colleagues. In the latter case, the nominator must fill out a nomination form and have the nomination accepted by the nominee.


  • Format nomination packages as follows:


Nomination packages must be typed in Times Roman 11 font, single spaced with strict adherence to the maximum page limits noted below. The nomination package will include, in the order that follows:


a. A CV outlining key accomplishments as a researcher and teacher (five pages).

b. A statement that characterizes the nominee’s teaching philosophy, connecting this to specific discussion of effective innovation in teaching practices, and/or effective teaching and learning leadership and/or contributions to the scholarship of teaching and learning (two pages).

c. A one-page table listing all courses taught by the nominee in each of the last five years.

d. A copy of the teaching evaluation tool.

e. Full evaluation data (including complete student comments) for two courses preferably of different grade levels.

f. A letter of support from the nominee’s department chair or, alternatively, from any one of the nominee’s departmental colleagues (2 pages).

g. Letters from three former students that discuss how the nominee’s teaching shaped their learning, perspective, and career trajectory (2 pages each).

h. Appendices with evidence to support the criteria listed below and which may include scholarship of teaching and learning, evidence of teaching awards, evaluation of teaching workshops, etc.

i. A statement summarizing key achievements related to teaching (optional).

  • For the Terms of Reference, please click HERE.
  • The deadline for submissions is December 10, 2021.
  • The winner will be announced at the 2022 CPSA Conference.
  • The winner will receive a commemorative plaque.
  • To nominate an individual, a copy of the package must be emailed directly to each member of the Prize Jury at the email addresses provided; a copy must also be emailed directly to the CPSA Secretariat. It is the nominees’ responsibility to provide a paper copy if required by any of the jurors. The package must be clearly marked CPSA TEACHING EXCELLENCE PRIZE ENTRY.


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