2020 Online Conference Online Programme

Jun 3, 2020 | CPSA News

Dear Members:
Here is the link to the cancelled 2020 CPSA Conference online programme . The Board of Directors decided to publish the programme even though the conference itself was cancelled for a number of reasons. 
First, because we wanted to honour the work put into the 2020 programme by Fiona MacDonald and Scott Matthews, the co-chairs of the programme committee, thelocal organizers, the section headsand the CPSA Secretariat – once again, we thank them all for the work putting this together. 
Second, we know acceptance at conferences is important for students and junior professors particularly. Publishing the programme provides a mechanism to both document and disseminate the research they are doing, even if only by title and abstract. 
Third, both journal editors and publishers have been in touch to say they find the CPSA programmes useful for finding out who is working on what and follow up on possible upcoming research that may be of interest to the wider political science discipline in Canada.
Finally, the theme of the Congress, ‘Bridging Divides: Confronting Colonialism and Anti-Black Racism’ and CPSA conference ‘Confronting Political Divides’ are very important to address, made even more so at this specific juncture in history. For all these reasons, we hope you will benefit from accessing the 2020 CPSA Conference online programme.
Yours, Barbara
Barbara Arneil
President CPSA