The new CJPS/RCSP English-language editorial team at Western has officially taken over from the Calgary team!

Jul 2, 2020 | CPSA News

Meet the New Team
Cameron Anderson – Co-editor
Christopher Alcantara & Nandita Biswas Mellamphy – Assistant Editors
Martin Horak – Book Review Editor
Megan Payler – Editorial Assistant
Shanaya Vanhooren – Book Review & Social Media Assistant
Check out their Letter to CJPS/RCSP Readers and the Canadian Political Science Community, co-written with the French-language editorial team.
Warmest thanks and congratulations are due to the Calgary Team, which has produced volumes of high quality scholarship and done much to enhance the standing of the CJPS during their tenure.
Calgary Team
Brenda O’Neill- Co-editor
Antonio Franceschet & Jack Lucas- Assistant Editors
Melanee Thomas- Book Review Editor
Elizabeth Pando – Editorial Assistant
Meagan Cloutier – Social Media Assistant