General Information


  • Membership is open to departments or programs at Canadian colleges or universities interested in the study of government and politics.


  • A membership follows the calendar year January to December.


  • Renewal notices are sent each February. Departments will receive a yearly invoice for their membership renewals.


  • If a new membership, join now by clicking HERE


  • Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.




40+ FTE[1] Permanent Faculty












[1] Full time equivalent (tenure and tenure track) 

[2] GST/HST exempted

[3] Approved on January 29 2022

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Departmental Membership Benefits
  • Annual Chairs Meeting: Access to resources, panels and information on how to be a university chair with particular reference to the discipline of political science as well as an opportunity to network and mentor with other chairs/heads.


  • Annual Survey of Chairs/Head: Access to extraordinarily detailed information on all aspects of other departments workings from undergraduate program enrolments to graduate program enrolments, stipends and offers, to numbers of faculty, courses taught and level of diversity amongst both faculty and their research, research dollars accumulated. This information can be invaluable to departments making the case to their Deans or Provosts about what they need and the state of the discipline.


  • Access to Polcan listserv and email list of current Chairs/Heads to advertise tenure track jobs, sessional opportunities, post docs, information and to put questions to other heads or chairs during the year.


  • Centralized voice for departments and the discipline in relation to concerns they might have with SSHRC, FHSS, to lobby for changes on a collective basis.


  • Leadership within and representation of the discipline externally. The CPSA can take leadership on key items with the discipline and can also represent and promote the discipline in a variety of contexts through liaison with agencies of government charged with supporting the academic study of politics; other professional organizations; the Federation of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council on issues of particular relevance to our members.


  • Canadian Journal of Political Science (CJPS) On-line Subscription: issued quarterly which provides members with the latest research findings of Canadian political scientists with respect to Canada, comparative politics, International relations and political theory.



  • Departmental representation in the CPSA Reconciliation Committee (List of Departmental Representatives)


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