2021 CPSA Three Minutes Thesis Prize

Sep 24, 2021 | Prizes, Three Minutes Thesis Prize

Winner: Elizabeth McCallion (Queen’s University)

Who Acts for Women? An Analysis of Women’s Substantive Representation in the Canadian Senate.

Excerpt from jury report: Elizabeth’s masterfully presented her project, which uses the Canadian Senate to analyze how institutional features may shape the representation of women’s interests in a legislative body. She demonstrates that women’s interests have a higher chance of being represented when party discipline is weak. To derive at these conclusions, Elizabeth’s uses automated content analysis to create a broad overview of women’s representation in the Senate, and qualitative archival and interview research to explore the contextual factors of representation.

Runners Up: Erica Petkov (University of Toronto)

Productive Cynics: How Satire Affects Youth Political Participation in Canada


Runners Up: Dax D’Orazio (University of Alberta)

Free Expression and the ‘Campus Crisis Feedback Loop:’ How the Chicago Principles Came to Canada