2021 CPSA Poster Prize

Sep 24, 2021 | Conference Poster Prize, Prizes

Winner: Amelia Boughn

Health Care Interest Groups and Backbench MPP Lobbying during COVID-19

Excerpt from jury report: Amelia Boughn identified a clear gap in the literature and put forth a clear rational as to why political scientists should pay more attention to the lobbying efforts of the diverse health care professionals and why the discipline ought to consider lobbying activities targeting opposition MPPs. The poster and oral presentation provided a remarkable level of depth and clarity. The jury was also impressed with the construction of Amelia’s research design and its implementation within the difficult context of COVID-19.

Runners Up: Ritika Gupta 

Members’ Opinions of Party Discipline in the Ontario Legislature


Runners Up: Alison Brown, Jason Kalbfleisch, Anthony Piscitelli and Andrea Perrella

Amber Anger: Profiling Twitter Users who Complain About Amber Alerts